OpenBSD Upgrade Guide: 7.4 to 7.5

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Upgrades are only supported from one release to the release immediately following.

Read through and understand this process before attempting it. For critical or physically remote machines, test it on an identical, local system first.

Before using any upgrade method

Upgrade Methods

Interactive Upgrade

After the Upgrade

After upgrading the sets, the system will reboot with the upgraded kernel and run sysmerge(8) during boot. In some cases, configuration files cannot be modified automatically. Run

 # sysmerge
to check and perform these configuration changes.

Next remove the old files. Finish up by upgrading the packages using pkg_add -u.

You may wish to check the errata page for any post-release fixes.

Manual Upgrade (without the install kernel)

This is NOT the recommended process. Use the unattended or interactive upgrade methods if at all possible!

Sometimes, you need to perform an upgrade of a machine for which the normal unattended or interactive upgrade process is not possible.


Upgrading manually

Configuration and syntax changes

Files to remove

Special packages

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