OpenBSD T-shirts

Newer shirts are available from the OpenBSD store, while older ones are out-of-print.

Number 55/56: The 6.8 T-shirts

tshirt-55 tshirt-56

Number 52/53/54: The 6.7 T-shirts

tshirt-52 tshirt-53 tshirt-54

Number 51: Wireframe Puffy 2.0 T-shirts

tshirt-51 tshirt-51 tshirt-51

Number 47/48/49/50: The 6.6 T-shirts

tshirt-47 tshirt-49 tshirt-48 tshirt-50

Number 46: Ninja T-shirt


Number 45: Grow Spikes T-shirt


Protect yourself, grow spikes.

Number 44: Time Lord T-shirt


Featuring the one and only Doctor W^X.

Number 42/43: The 5.8 T-shirt

(#42 — Blue)
(#43 — Black)

A reprint of the classic wireframe Puffy shirt to celebrate the 20th anniversary of OpenBSD.

Number 40/41: LibreSSL T-shirt

(#40 — Choose LibreSSL)
(#41 — Abandon OpenSSL)

When it comes to SSL libraries, you have two logical choices.

Number 39: The 5.3 T-shirt

Back only

Everyone dreams. (Drawn by Markus Hall and Cajsa Abrahamsson).

Number 38: The 5.2 Puffy T-shirt

Front only, left breast
tshirt-38 front

A small puffy on the left breast of a plain white tshirt.

Number 37: The 5.1 T-shirt

Front only
tshirt-37 front

Who you gonna trust?

Number 35/36: The 5.0 T-shirt

Puffy in the world of Spyfish vs Spyfish.

tshirt-35 (black) front
(#35 — image is on a black T-shirt)
tshirt-36 (white) front
(#36 — image is on a white T-shirt)

We could not decide who should live, so there are two versions of this shirt. Shirt #35 is a Black T-shirt where the Black Spyfish wins; Shirt #36 is a White T-shirt where the White Spyfish wins. When purchasing, choose carefully based on the outside border of the image (or, the colour of the spy who lives). Unfortunately this creates a dilemma if you would prefer to wear a black shirt but have the White Spyfish (obviously representing yourself) live. But then, isn't everything a dilemma these days?

Alternatively, you can get both shirts, and when choosing to wear it decide what matters more: the shirt colour, the Spyfish colour, or which one is currently washed. A daily dilemma.

Number 34: The 4.9 Black Hoodie

Image on front of a zipper-less hoodie with a large kangaroo pocket
tshirt-34 front

Make a strong statement about who you trust.

Number 33: The 4.7 T-shirt

Front only
tshirt-33 front

Number 32: The 4.6 T-shirt

Front only
tshirt-32 front

Be happy.

Number 31: The 4.5 T-shirt

Front only
tshirt-31 front

Just the picture, no words — because it is better that way. The tshirt is black.

Number 30: The 4.4 T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-30 front tshirt-30 back

OpenBSD has always been first to stand up to the vendors. The tshirt is black, of course.

Number 29: The 4.3 T-shirt


A simple military green T-shirt showing a new Puffy. No OpenBSD logo. Let 'em ask!

Number 28: The 4.2 T-shirt


A simple black T-shirt showing a new Puffy.

Number 27: The 4.1 T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-27 tshirt-27

A T-shirt showing Puffy Babba with a bag of documentation heading out over the desert on his sea horse.

Number 26: The 4.0 T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-26 tshirt-26

A white T-shirt mimicking the style of Goscinny, showing Pufferix and Bobelix heading out on their adventure to deliver the "Three Discs of Freedom".

Number 25: The 3.9 T-shirt


A dark blue T-shirt commenting on our campaign against binary blob device drivers. The artwork is large on the back, with a small OpenBSD logo on the front, in the right chest area.

Number 24: The 3.8 T-shirt


"OpenBSD 3.8" on a brown shirt.

Number 23: The "Wireframe Puffy" T-shirt


A Puffy version of the ever-popular wireframe daemon T-shirt we did years ago.
On a blue T-shirt.

Number 22: The 3.6 "Ponderosa Puff" T-shirt


Wanted poster for the OpenBSD gang — it is utterly ridiculous for people to insist that some things should be free. On a brown T-shirt.

Number 21: The 3.5 "CARP" T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-21 tshirt-21

A redundant firewall setup, showing how Puffy and CARP coordinate firewall failover. "Redundancy must be free... you see?"

Number 20: The 3.4 "Puffy Hood" T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-20 tshirt-20

A er ... political ... rendition of the Puffy Hood "Arch-a-thon".

Number 19: The 3.3 "Puffy the Barbarian" T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-19 tshirt-19

The back features a Frazetta-style painting by Ty Semaka for the "Puffy the Barbarian" theme of the OpenBSD 3.3 release. The front contains a modified quote from the Conan the Barbarian movies.

Number 18: The New OpenSSH T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-18 tshirt-18

The new OpenSSH T-shirt features the SSHeriff in a new adventure.

Number 17: The 3.2 "Agent 077" T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-17 tshirt-17

The front features the 3.2 poster artwork, The back features Puffy, Agent 077, delivering his "secure not stirred darling" line.

Number 16: The 3.0 "Chix Dig OpenBSD" T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-16 tshirt-16

The front features the 3.0 coverfish "Puffy" on the left breast. The back features Puffy and his entourage.

Number 15: The 2.9 "Secret Service" T-shirt


A secure operating system for a hostile internet.

Number 14: The girly Baby T-shirt


The OpenBSD project branches out into a new field: selling Baby T-shirts specifically for BSD geek-girls, BSD geek's girls. Finally, a BSD T-shirt made for the female form.

Number 13: The 2.8 "Harisenbon" T-shirt


The other character introduced with the 2.8 release. Brother to "Sushi Fugu" on T-shirt 12, this mean dude tells people to stay off your computer.

Number 12: The 2.8 "Sushi Fugu" T-shirt


The new 2.8 T-shirt, featuring the cute blowfish on a grey flek T-shirt. We call her "Sushi Fugu".

Number 11: The Blowfish Polo shirt


A very classy navy polo shirt with the above image stitched onto it. The stitchwork will be about 6 cm wide.

Number 10: The Three Head T-shirt


A black T-shirt with the three OpenBSD heads on it, similar to the OpenBSD 2.3 artwork.

Number 9: The OpenSSH T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-9 tshirt-9-bs

Nice dark green T-shirt — back has the blowfish SSHeriff burying the old insecure protocols, and the front has 'SSH — Don't tell anyone it's free!' This T-shirt is made out of a dark green material. If you don't know what this T-shirt is about, check out the OpenSSH web page.

Number 8: The 2.6 Fishbowl T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-8-s tshirt-8b-s

The OpenBSD 2.6 CD cover Script Kittie looking into the fishbowl on the back, 'ramblo' blowfish with 'armed to the gills' on front. This T-shirt is made out of a flat yellow material. (NOTE: The XXXL T-shirts are made of a different material. They are BRIGHT yellow).

Number 7: The Crypto Globe T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-7 tshirt-7b

The OpenBSD 'ramblo' munitions blowfish with 'Make Crypto Not Munitions' on the front. Map of the world according to Crypto Laws on the back, with all-american saying from U.S. founding father Ben Franklin. Currently shipping versions of this T-shirt are on a flat Navy blue background. Original versions were made out of a "tie dye" blue material.
If you do not understand what the statement being made by this T-shirt, perhaps you should read an article by Wendy McElroy.

Number 6: The OpenBSD 2.5 T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-6-s tshirt-6b-s

This T-shirt is made out of a fleck-gray material.

Number 5: The OpenBSD/OpenBSE T-shirt

Front Back
tshirt-5-s tshirt-5b-s

Front of T-shirt contains the original OpenBSD "Open the Daemon" picture. The back picture resulted after one of our developers told his mother that he was working on OpenBSD — she misunderstood and thought he meant BSE — Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (i.e. Mad Cows Disease).

This T-shirt is made of white material.

Number 4: The Blowfish T-shirt


Front of T-shirt contains a picture of the Blowfish, and a vague reference to how using the blowfish cipher for the OpenBSD password hash makes our password mechanism more secure (blowfish, not babblefish). People won't be able to crack your passwords anymore... Back of T-shirt contains the complete source code for our version of the Blowfish algorithm (written in Germany). For more information see our cryptography page...

This T-shirt is made of white material.

Number 3: The Daemon Polo shirt


These T-shirts had an OpenBSD-style daemon stitched into the right chest area. The T-shirts were made out of really nice green cloth.

Number 2: The wire-frame T-shirt


These T-shirts were sold at Defcon VI. July 31–Aug 2, 1998. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, LISA '98, December 6-11, 1998. Boston, Massachusetts, and the Reflections/Projections conference in Urbana, IL, USA.

The wireframe image on the T-shirt has an incredible texture. Shirts are available in navy blue, camo green, and black.

Number 1: The Red Head T-shirt


These white T-shirts were sold at Usenix in New Orleans, June 15-19, 1998.