OpenBSD solbourne

OpenBSD/solbourne is an experimental port of OpenBSD to the Solbourne "IDT" family of workstations, built upon the SPARC-compatible Panasonic KAP processor.


The KAP processor used in the IDT systems, albeit using an instruction set similar to the SPARC processors, uses a completely different MMU. Because of this, no free operating system considered running on these Solbourne machines more than a few minutes...

At some point, an S4000 was donated by Mike Nicewonger to Miod Vallat, who then had no excuse not to work on a port. After a few years of procrastination, real work on a port eventually started in march 2005, leading to an initial import in the OpenBSD tree exactly one month later.

Current status:

Currently, only the S4000 system has been tested; but other systems should work, although the L2 cache in the S4000DX systems is not supported.

Right now, the system boots single-user, but userland has issues.

Supported hardware:

Supported machines

Supported devices