OpenBSD Following -current and using snapshots [FAQ Index]

Active OpenBSD development is known as the -current branch. These sources are frequently compiled into releases known as snapshots.

Aggressive changes are sometimes pushed in this branch, and complications can arise when building the latest code or upgrading from a previous point in time. Some of the steps for getting over these hurdles are explained on this page. Make sure you've read and understand how to build the system from source before using -current and the instructions below.

In general, it's far easier to use snapshots, as developers will have gone through much of the trouble for you already.

You should always use a snapshot as the starting point for running -current. This process typically consists of running sysupgrade(8) with the -s flag. Alternatively, download (and verify) the appropriate bsd.rd file from the /snapshots/ directory of your preferred mirror, boot from it, and choose (U)pgrade at the prompt. Any installed packages should then be upgraded after booting into the new system.

Upgrading to -current by compiling your own source code is discouraged for everyone except for experts, as difficult build-time crossing-points can occur often, and no assistance will be provided. In case of failure, use a snapshot to recover.

Most of these changes will have to be performed as root.

2022/04/23 - switchd(8) removed

switchd(8) has been removed from the base system. To cleanup the no longer needed user, group and files execute the following commands:
# userdel _switchd
# groupdel _switchd
# rm /etc/rc.d/switchd /usr/sbin/switchctl /usr/sbin/switchd \
  /usr/share/man/man4/switch.4 /usr/share/man/man5/switchd.conf.5 \
  /usr/share/man/man8/switchctl.8 /usr/share/man/man8/switchd.8

2022/05/14 - [packages] OpenLDAP update

The OpenLDAP packages have been updated to the 2.6 branch and have changes which will affect many users of the server ("slapd"). Backup before updating, and be prepared for a more complicated upgrade than usual. Some pointers are given here, but as is normal with packages, also consult the upstream documentation regarding upgrades.

2022/05/21 - deprecation of ${rcexec} in rc.d scripts

The ${rcexec} variable used to start daemons with rc.d(8) has been replaced with a more complete rc_exec() function. Handcrafted rc.d(8) scripts must be modified to use this new function:
# sed -i 's/\${rcexec}/rc_exec/' /etc/rc.d/myscript
Compatibility will be retained until next release.

2022/05/28 - [packages] Vim colour scheme changes

Vim includes new colour schemes. They aim to be more consistent in different environments (e.g. between text and gui versions), but in some cases result in a significant change, especially for the text version.

If you find the changes unwelcome, the OpenBSD package includes a copy of the old colour schemes under the legacy subdirectory to make it easier to revert if desired. You can use the subdirectory directly in colorscheme in your configuration, but as these are not included as standard in upstream Vim, if you share config files between various machines you may like to copy the relevant files from /usr/local/share/vim/vim82/colors/legacy to ~/.vim/colors which take priority.

2022/06/03 - [packages] Fcitx update requires manual reconfigure

Fcitx splits some input methods into different packages and requires manual reconfiguration after upgrade. Notably:

2022/06/27 - pluart(4) baud rate correction

pluart(4) hardware such as the Raspberry Pi has the wrong baud rate in ttys(5) making the serial console unusable. Change the baud rate from 38400 to 115200 for the console entry in /etc/ttys.

2022/06/30 - snmpd(8) filter-pf-addresses deprecated

snmpd.conf(5)'s filter-pf-addresses is deprecated. If you have filter-pf-addresses yes in your config, it should be changed to blocklist pfTblAddrTable.

2022/09/19 - [packages] SOGo update

With the update of SOGo to 5.7.1 sogod may fail to start if you don't have WOPort explicitly configured. To set the WOPort explicitly to the prior default, execute the following command as _sogod user.
defaults write sogod WOPort

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