OpenBSD powerpc64

OpenBSD/powerpc64 runs on PowerNV machines using the IBM POWER9 processors.

A mailing list dedicated to the OpenBSD/macppc and OpenBSD/powerpc64 ports is available at To join the OpenBSD/macppc and OpenBSD/powerpc64 mailing list, send a message body of "subscribe ppc" to Please be sure to check our mailing list policy before subscribing.

The current port maintainer is Mark Kettenis ( Others are definitely welcome to contribute!


OpenBSD 6.8 was the first official release of OpenBSD/powerpc64.

And since there are always little bits missing, work is continuing...

Current status:

Currently OpenBSD/powerpc64 supports POWER9 processors and runs stably on PowerNV machines based on the Raptor Computing Systems Talos II and Blackbird boards. Support for POWER8 processors is included but untested.

OpenBSD/powerpc64 does not run under a hypervisor such as PowerVM or PowerKVM.

Supported hardware:

Supported machines

OpenBSD/powerpc64 is known to work on the following machines:

OpenBSD/powerpc64 is expected to run on IBM PowerNV systems as well. Please give it a try if you have access to such hardware.

Getting and installing OpenBSD/powerpc64:

The latest supported OpenBSD/powerpc64 release is OpenBSD 7.5. Here are the OpenBSD/powerpc64 installation instructions.

Snapshots are made available from time to time, in this location as well as on a few mirrors. Here are the OpenBSD/powerpc64 snapshot installation instructions as well.

There are several types of installation media provided, so that OpenBSD/powerpc64 can be installed or upgraded via miniroot images as well as network installs.