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Sample autonetd.conf

assoc mode lazy scan period 15 network myhome auth wpa2 " vERy SEcrEt PaSsWOrD!@#$%^&*()" inet6="config inet6 autoconf" network "Best Job Ever, Inc." auth 802.1x $inet6 address run on assoc cmd /sbin/route add default run on deassoc cmd /sbin/route delete default defaults config -inet6 no dhcp run async shell "echo autonetd connected to open network" \ "\"${NWID}\" on the ${IFNAME} >>/tmp/wifi.log" network "BestFriend_home" auth wpa 12345678 network "free wi-fi" on iwm0 open $inet6 dhcp network "MosMetro_Free" open inherit defaults captive mosmetro