OpenBSD/octeon is a port intended to run on systems based upon the Cavium Octeon and Octeon PLUS MIPS64 CPUs.

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OpenBSD/octeon began in 2010 with an SDK created by IIJ and donated to OpenBSD. Early work targeted the Portwell CAM-0100.

Due to the lack of available hardware, the port lay dormant for a few years. This changed in January 2013 with the release of the Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter LITE. Several developers obtained these new machines, and work began immediately. Due to issues with USB support, the port to the Portwell CAM-0100 matured first because it allowed CF cards to be used as a storage medium.

Development has been rapid, with the port to the Portwell CAM-0100 becoming self-hosting in April 2013. In August 2013 the DSR-500 model reached userland and could host OpenBSD via NFS. Support for EdgeRouter LITE Ethernet was added in September 2013, allowing the EdgeRouter LITE to be usable by NFS booting.

And work continues...

Supported hardware:

OpenBSD/octeon supports the following machines:

Current status:

Currently it is possible to install OpenBSD/octeon on the Portwell CAM-0100 machines, as they have a working storage driver. The DSR-500 and EdgeRouter LITE may also be used by booting over NFS.

Getting and installing OpenBSD/octeon:

The latest supported OpenBSD/octeon release is OpenBSD 5.7. Here are the OpenBSD/octeon 5.7 installation instructions .

Snapshots are made available from time to time, in this location as well as in a few mirrors. Here are the OpenBSD/octeon snapshot installation instructions as well.