OpenBSD amd64

OpenBSD/amd64 runs on AMD's Athlon-64 family of processors in 64-bit mode. It also runs on processors made by other manufacturers which have cloned the AMD64 extensions.

Note that OpenBSD/i386 also runs on these processors, but in 32-bit mode.

X Window System support is available for most graphics cards, using the X.Org server. As with other free operating systems it is highly recommended that Nvidia cards are avoided since this vendor continues to show tremendous resistance towards releasing information that would allow X.Org to support their hardware properly.

Current status:

The only major shortcoming at this time is that the kernel debugger ddb is somewhat poor.

Supported hardware:


All versions of the AMD Athlon 64 processors and their clones are supported.

Unsupported Hardware:

New hardware is constantly being released, some of which may lack support. Your donation of time, hardware, or documentation can accelerate this support!

Getting and installing OpenBSD/amd64:

The latest supported OpenBSD/amd64 release is OpenBSD 7.5. Here are the OpenBSD/amd64 installation instructions.

Snapshots are made available from time to time, in this location as well as on a few mirrors. Here are the OpenBSD/amd64 snapshot installation instructions as well.

There are several installation media provided: